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Licensed NLP Practitioner Certificate

Signed by Dr. Richard Bandler
Available only through Dr. Anil Coaching Institute

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The Banlder's Effect

"By Dr. Anil Sureen" Only Licensed NLP Trainer in GCC
Trained by Dr. Richard Bandler Himself

United Arab Emirates

1-7 Feb'2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

2 Trainers
Licenced NLP Trainer

60 seats
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Licensed NLP Practitioner Certification

Get genuine Licensed NLP Practitioner Certificate signed by Dr.Richard Bandler himself.

Only licensed & qualified trainers in GCC

This training is led by 'Licensed NLP Trainers' Dr. Anil Sureen & Dr. Eva Mantzourani who have been trained personally by co-creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler

Discover your full potential

While our titles, certificates and education are important in today’s society, but at the end of the day, what’s essential is the way we carry ourselves, our competence and confidence, our congruence and belief in ourselves. These are the things in our inner programming - we can rely on that takes us forward and give us a lasting edge.

Licensed NLP Practitioner

Signed by Richard Bandler himself, having Licensed NLP Practitioner Certificate from Dr. Anil Coaching Institute is the highest standards of training, that you've passed, and is recognised throughout the personal development world. Also with this certification you become an accredited member of The Society of NLP.

What you will

Dr. Anil Sureens NLP training is carefully layered and structured to raise your learning levels to new heights. This course is the most popular Licensed NLP Practitioner course in the world.
Learning objectives:
During this course, you are taught to combine all the elements of NLP, and then shown how to apply them with skill and elegance. The course culminates in real-life application of NLP Skills in helping others to overcome fears and phobias, and learning greater confidence. By the end of the course you will be able to apply the new learning and skills you have acquired as a Licensed NLP Practitioner to whatever field of work you are in, whether that be human resources, education, sales, management, therapy, or business.

Free Training Giveaways

Worth AED 11650

Free Training Giveaways
Worth AED 11650

Free Psychometric Assessment - worth AED 900
Free one-to-one sessions- worth AED 2750
Free 1 yr Membership Benefits- worth AED 8000
> Unlimited access to all new online courseware
> Premium mobile app upgrade for continous bite sized learning and practicing
> Access to online experts advice & support
> Exclusive invitation for all meetups, seminars, and workshops in UAE.



Learn from qualified and licensed experts



This will be the most productive week of your life


Advanced Topics

Practice these advance techniques to be successful



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Who signs my certificate?

1. Your certificate will be signed by co-creator of NLP- Dr. Richard Bandler, himself.
2. It will be signed by John La Valle-President of the NLP Society
3. it will be signed by Dr. Anil Sureen & Dr. Eva Mantzourani -Licensed NLP Trainers

What do I need to do to get my Certification?

1: Your attendance must be 100%.
2. Your conduct must be good during the course.
3. Your participation in the activities must meet the course standards.
4. Display of the knowledge and understanding of the subject as will be taught in the cours
e 5. 75% correct answers on assessment on the final day

How long does it take to get my Certifications?

Usually we give the certificates on the last day of the course but on unusual circumstances we deliver it within 2 weeks after the course.

Is your certification accepted everywhere in the World?

Yes. To the best of our knowledge, at this time, our certification is accepted everywhere.

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