Interpersonal Skills



  • Starts May 29, 2016
  • Duration 2 Months
  • Class Duration 7:00 - 9:00
  • Institution ABC University
  • Seats Available 23 Student
  • Level All level
Course Price: $270.00

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are the skills we use every day when we communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. People with strong interpersonal skills are often more successful in both their professional and personal lives.

Interpersonal skills include a wide variety of skills, though many are centred around communication, such as listening, questioning and understanding body language. They also include the skills and attributes associated with emotional intelligence, or being able to understand and manage your own and others’ emotions.

Developing Your Interpersonal Skills

Good interpersonal skills are often viewed as the foundation for good working and social relationships, and also for developing many other areas of skill.

For example, good leaders tend to have very good interpersonal skills, and develop other areas of their leadership skills by building on these.

Effective interpersonal relationships provide tools for developing, refining, and building your interpersonal skills. Filled with valuable tips, examples, and scenarios, this program offers practical advice on how to build rapport, trust, and respect through better communication, improved listening skills, and conflict management.

We use various assessments and techniques to improve your interpersonal relationships and transform them into your strengths.