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NLP Basic Course

NLP Basic - Course Details

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Module 1

  • Learn how to use NLP to improve your life and others
  • NLP is experiential in nature
  • Help someone make changes, where they believe they instilled the change in themselves
  • How to increase focus with NLP techniques
  • Establish goals you want to achieve with the program
  • Learn why will power is not enough
  • See NLP in action
  • Learn how to practice NLP techniques
  • Discover how to establish rapport
  • Learn how to use the powerful technique of a visual squash
  • Discover how to use a sub modality transfer
  • See and hear demonstration of an auditory acuity test

Module 2

  • Watch demonstration of a visual acuity test
  • Discover the power of your senses
  • Discover NLP as a body of information
  • Learn the importance of using NLP for good and with respect
  • Learn about eye-accessing cues
  • Find out HOW people are thinking
  • Find out if someone is lying to you
  • Learn the important 3 questions to calibrate a person’s representational system
  • Learn about the major representational systems
  • Discover predicates
  • Discover how and why we use certain strategies
  • Learn what role our senses and representational systems play

Module 3

  • Become more aware of decision making
  • Become more aware of subconscious thoughts
  • Learn how people relate
  • Perform an exercise that helps you tap into your representational system

Module 4

  • Learn to tune into your senses to enhance your experience
  • Learn the power of metaphor
  • Learn to use visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses in metaphors
  • Discover sub modalities and how you store information

Module 5

  • Walk through a sub modality exercise
  • Learn the “Circle of Excellence”
  • Learn to answer the question, “What?”
  • Discover the foundation of NLP

Module 6

  • Learn the 10 presuppositions
  • Realize that people always make the ‘best’ choice
  • Every behavior has a use
  • Learn how to instill change in clients

Module 7

  • A hypnosis session to accelerate change
  • Learn the meta-model
  • Learn the “Now” exercise
  • Learn the importance of developing a plan

Module 8

  • Discover the power of anchors
  • Learn how to anchor emotions in people
  • Learn the NLP technique of nominalization
  • Learn how to install an anchor
  • Let’s talks about VAKOG
  • Learn how to chain anchors
  • Discover how to help people overcome fears with anchoring
  • Learn the technique “Changing personal history”
  • Discover the “Lie/truth exercise”
  • How to give new meaning to a memory
  • Learn to create something that never even existed
  • Discover the importance of creating your own techniques

Module 9

  • Learn to help people eliminate their fears with the movie theater technique
  • The importance of anchoring safety
  • Learn the visual squash technique with regression to help people stop smoking
  • Discover the power of the swish pattern
  • Learn multiple types of swish patterns and how to use them
  • Learn to anchor others to you to have certain attributes
  • Discover the benefits of the Godiva chocolate pattern
  • Use the ‘new behavior generator’ to create new behaviors
  • Learn the handshake instant induction
  • Discover the benefits of pattern interrupt
  • How to perform an intervention on someone
  • Discover the power of advertising as a NLP practitioner


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